Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gold Mine

Gold Mine
In my home gold is a staple. It is imperative that I have some gold paint around because I never know when I'm going get the urge to "paint it gold". I'm totally shocked Mr. Neal has not asked all of the local hardware and craft stores to banish me from buying gold paint from them.
Gold has a luxurious tone to it. It makes me happy to look at the things I've painted gold in our home. Plus, its a really cool way to make me feel like an accomplished DIYer.
Of course, I've put together a few pics to show you guys why I've grown to love gold in the home so much. 
And of course for good measure, here is just one piece of my beautifully spray painted collection. I know she's tattered and worn, but that's what I love about her (that and I paid $1).

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