Friday, February 14, 2014

The Man Cave

The Man Cave
In a well appointed home there should always be plans for an alluring man cave. Mancave you ask? Yes. Mancave. It is the place in your home where your darling can go to watch sports, smoke cigars, and drink whiskey with his friends all while not disturbing you. Sounds like a little piece of heaven right in your home huh? Add a little lingerie (when company leaves, of course) and you definitely have the right formula.
Heres how it looks mathematically: MC+L= BOOM BOOM ROOM!
So when he asks what lingerie has to do with is mancave, ensure him that your lingerie is your self-imposed "dress code" for his sanctuary. 
Here are some wonderful examples of a well appointed man cave and some lingerie ideas to get you started!
Clearly, there's no "good measure" this week. BUT, I may or may not have these two on my wish list from Camille's Closet

Need a little more of my antics ideas? Find them here.

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