Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coffee Shop Snob

Coffee Shop Snob
I know its probably career suicide to admit that I'm a snob of any kind, but I have to share with you all that I am guilty as charged when it comes to coffee shops.  A coffee shop needs to  always have certain elements in order for me to fall completely in love. Although I've never done more than sip coffee (or tea) and work on my computer in a coffee shop, it seems that it wouldn't take much to make cozy atmosphere.
My list of coffee shop must haves:

1. It must be inviting.
Neutral colors are nice, but when a coffee shop finds a way to invite life in by adding bright colors, it adds to my experience there.

2. Must have the feeling of warmth.
I suppose I could fuse this requirement with the last, but its my blog, and I want them separate. Anyway, the music played, the staff, and general energy of the place is what makes up its warmth. I mean, could you imagine ordering a tall half-calf skinny, almond milk, light carmel, light whip, with cinnamon and a honey drizzle on top from someone who wasn't excited about serving you? We all have our days, but lets be realistic here, a nice humble attitude goes a long way in a coffee shop. Not to mention, it helps them make more money.

3. Must have an artistic feel.
In order to set itself apart, a small business coffee shop should always have art displayed. It helps those of us that sit in them for hours on in take a break from what we are doing and just soak in whats going on around us. I love art! Especially from unknown (to me anyways) artist. I always imagine what they must have been thinking about when they photographed, painted, carved, or build whatever it is they have on display. What has inspired them to inspire me.

4. Neighborhood feel.
I'm so into meeting people and getting to know them. Even if its for one conversation. With that said, I love when I walk into a coffee shop and feel like I've been going there forever. Its even more exciting to see the patrons conversing with the staff about their children, work, dogs, or whatever else is important in their lives. I often get to know the baristas by name and they usually know me by face at the very least. It makes me feel at home.

5. Serve/Variety.
I love to eat cute things. Small salads, fruit, pastries, sandwiches. You know, things that keep you light on your feet. Personally, I enjoy sitting near a window and people watching. What better way to accompany that than with a beautiful spring or summer salad? I've even been to coffee shops that actually serve wine. Geeze! What better way to keep me motivated?

6. Host.
Host art talks. Involve themselves in the community. After all, we are discussing the community feel of a coffee shop right? 

I am on a mission to find cute, neighborly, colorful, art filled coffee shops where ever I go! 
My first stop is Ft. Thomas Coffee in Ft. Thomas, KY.

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