Friday, March 28, 2014


I am a Fontnatic! 

Fontnatic- An obsession with fonts.

I know that the only place the word Font-natic exists is in my head and I'm totally content with that. Especially because that's the only place that matters. Humph!
With all hopes that at least one or two of you guys are Font-natics as well, I decided that I would share some of my faves with you. I've installed at least 50 extras on my computer and its always a 10-15 minute fiasco as to which one I want to choose when its time to type a memo. In fact, sometimes I make up memos for Mr. Neal just to play around with fonts and color. I suppose its the planner/decorator in me. I hope these fonts tickle your fancy as much as they do mine.


1. Aku Cinta Kamu 2. Architects Daughter  3. Braggadocio 4. Champagne & Limousines  5. Centeria Script 6. Dr. Carbfred 7. Dear Joe 4 8. Fashion Victim 9. Handwriting Dakota 10. Janda Celebration Script 11. Jellyka Delicious Cake 12. Jenna Sue 13. Lavanderia 14. Neou 15. Noteworthy 16. Throw My Hands In the Air

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