Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20 Things

I know its not Manic Monday, but I found this on Pinterest and thought about how many things on this list would help improve my life. Atleast 20 of them would help me live the life I want. 

Here's my addition to the list of to make my life a happier place. 
1. Just say NO!
2. Pray more often
3. Live in the moment
4. Create your own space
5. Journal about life
6. Find a get away
7. Dance more
8. Sing as if you were Whitney Houston
9. Breathe Deeply
10. Stop regretting
11. Drink more fresh juice
12. Wear bright colors
13. Paint your nails
14. Take more pictures
15. Change your hair more often
16. Live with intention
17. Watch less TV
18. Open the windows and let fresh air in
19. Demand peace
20. Be You!

What would you add to make your life a little happier?

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