Thursday, March 13, 2014

Necklaces and Lipstick

Necklaces and lipstick
In the spirit of transparency I must share with you all that I am not that great with accessorizing. Meaning, I'm not the best at adding the finishing touches to my outfits or even makeup for that matter. Do I own accessories? Sure I do! It just that my wrists are so small that its more trouble than its worth to wear certain bracelets. Same with lipstick, I have a hard time refreshing my lipstick once it wears off. The strange part is I usually refresh my lipgloss when needed. I know there isn't much difference, but its just one of my "things". Did I mention I own enough lipstick to give each woman in my family a tube and still have leftovers. Perhaps I just like the idea of lipstick and other accessories, but am unable to actually execute them with my daily looks. Nonetheless, I decided to do a little post featuring some of my lipstick selections and necklaces. First, I'll show you some of my lipstick and necklace dreams. Let me know what you guys think.

All necklaces are from Camille's Closet

Lipsticks All M.A.C 1. Pink Plaid 2. Ravishing 3. Heroine (all with a thin outline of Cork lip liner)
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