Friday, May 30, 2014

Surprise, Surprise!

Surprise, Surprise!
Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity and been surprised that you have their exact outfit (or at least part of it)? Well, it has happened to little ole me on more than one occasion! I guess that makes me a celebrity huh? WHAT?! You are what you think you are, right? 
Nonetheless, I purchased a pair of overalls about a year ago and I'd worn them only once when I discovered that Kylie Jenner had been shopping in my closet! Well, almost because she'd been pictured wearing the exact overalls, in a different color. I mean, that's almost like she'd been in my closet. Right? (You don't have to answer that). Don't get me wrong, I'm not validated by what celebrities (or their sisters) wear, but its nice to know (read believe) that I have my own style and everyone is simply following my lead! Here's what I mean:
While I spearheaded this trend (in my head), I like what Kylie has done with these overalls. I may pull out the trusty seeing machine and turn mine into a capri version. Should I decide to take that leap of faith (that I could be successful at doing so), I'll surely show you guys the out come. For now, here's what I have!

Overalls: ASOS. Shoes: Aldo Shoes. Shirt: Nordstrom. Necklace: J. Crew. Bracelet & Earrings: Forever 21.
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