Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cut Off

Cut It Off!
This winter was so cold that I made a declaration early on that I would wear cut offs this summer! I haven't really worn them since I got married because well, I always thought married women should present themselves a certain way. You will quickly learn that I have evolved from that thought process. As long a Mr. Blushing Neal is comfortable with how tight my dress is or how short my shorts are, I'll wear it. 
Anyway, after browsing Pinterest for ideas, I took a few trips to the thrift store and found some jeans that would make awesome cut offs. Since I found three different looks I wanted to go for with my shorts, I'll break this topic up into several posts. First up...short shorts, AKA booty shorts, AKA SHAWTS YA'LL! I found this tutorial from Pretty Quirky Pants most helpful when making these.
Please, do share your fave cutoffs with us!

Sweater, Tank, Head Band, Necklace: Forever21. Shorts: Thrifted Levi's Bracelets: Blushing Neal DIY. Shoes: Fergie Footwear Lipstick: Maybelline (MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe), Fuchsia Flash with NYX, Fuchsia liner.
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