Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GA in a Font

GA in a Font
I'm not sure if I told you guys that I moved from Atlanta, GA to the greater Cincinnati area about two years ago. It has been a semi-difficult transition for me. In Atlanta, I was a hairstylist and photographer. Once we moved, my husband and I decided that it would be best if I didn't work for the first year or so just so I could get adjusted. So here I am...adjusted and a blogger. While its exciting to explore new things and places here, theres no place like home! No place!
With that said, I get home sick often and being away reminds me of how much I love Atlanta. In my own crafty fashion, I decided to make something for our house that would be representative of our love for home. In this Pinterest inspired project by Effort Less Chic, I decided to use some gold sparkly and red velvety craft papers, a heart hole punch, a canvas, tape, and the US-bats font. Oh, and a pair of scissors and Mircrosoft Word.

Here we go!
First, I opened a word document and determined which letter was GA. Take a look on under the font for help. I resized the font to 500 and changed it to an outlined figure instead of a black figure. Next, I printed the figure out like this.
Next, I placed the print out over the gold sparkly paper and cut along the outline. 
Next, I used the heart shaped hole punch with the red velvety paper to create a heart. 
I then glued the heart where Atlanta would be on the GA map and glued the map on the canvas. 
Finally, I hung my art work on the wall in my office! 

Up next? Curtains for this poor window!
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